Chair of Special Education V - Educational Science of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

The scientific discipline of the Educational Science of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders deals with the behaviour and experiencing of children and adolescents, but also adults, while focusing on research and teaching. The noticeable behaviour and experiencing of these individuals is to be considered as problematic.

The discipline regards these disorders as signals for disturbances of the person-environment-relation, which stands 'behind' these disorders. Thereby aspects of the person and the personality are in the foreground of the consideration as well as special characteristics of situations which induce or intensify such disorders - and the complex interaction of person and environment.

From the basic understanding as a pedagogic discipline, education and bildung is arising as a special focal point of consideration - and the corresponding difficulties of educational processes. Thereby the Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders understands itself as interdisciplinarily entrenched; important related disciplines are, besides the educational sciences, psychology, sociology, social work, medicine, law – and also philosophy.

Central questions of the Educational Science of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders are focusing on the appearances of behavioural disorders, explanation concepts in the interdisciplinary discourse, diagnostics, school and extra-school institutions of support, questions of inclusion and exclusion, path of life-related tasks (preschool, school, pedagogic, after-school), specific development fields and functions (like emotionality, social competence, game and morality), specific aspects of didactics and methodology, concepts of promotion (also between the poles of prevention-intervention as well as education-therapy) - plus juridical, ethical and philosophic questions.

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