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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders

    Special School and Inclusion

    Special School and Inclusion – an Analysis of the State of Inclusive School Development

    Over a period of three years (2015 -2018), the school supporting institution "Caritas Schulen gGmbH" established together with "Caritasverband Würzburg e.V." the project position inclusion, which objective was the assistance and accompaniment of the school supporting institution as well as the involved schools during their inclusive development process. Inter alias, firm questions with regard to inclusive school development were discussed with individual schools and initial impulses were developed in the team "index for inclusion" (cf. Eck et al. 2015).

    The aim of a final research project in the framework of the overall measure was the evaluation of the current state of the inclusive school development by means of analysis criteria on the basis of this working context of three specific special schools of the school supporting institution. The findings were processed, documented and reported. Based on scientific literature as well as with the focus on target groups and the research design an understanding for inclusion was developed, which is fundamental for the analysis criteria. A questionaire as well as an interview guide was developed by virtue of the analysis criteria. All members of the school family as well as the school supporting institution as well as the respective network partners had to be involved. Based on the results, recommentations for the further development of inclusion had been developed both for the individual schools and the school supporting institution as a superordinate management unit. This contributes to the school development as an integral process (cf. Bohl et al. 2010; Montag Stiftung 2015. Publications of this part of the project have been planned in addition to the report to the school supporting institution as well as the participating schools.

    Moreover, three anthologies have been published, which expound and discuss inclusive topics and issues across the childhood and adolescence starting with early childhood education, continuing through school and ending with vocational education. These publications are also a result of the conferences, held during the project.

    • Link, P.-C./Stein, R. (2017) (Hrsg.): Schulische Inklusion und Übergänge. Berlin: Frank & Timme.
    • Stein, R., Link, P.-C., Hascher, P. (2019) (Hrsg.): Frühpädagogische Inklusion und Übergänge. Berlin: Frank & Timme.
    • Stein, R./Kranert, H.-W. (2020) (Hrsg.): Inklusion in der Berufsbildung im kritischen Diskurs. Berlin: Frank & Timme.

    Term: 01.05.2019 – 30.09.2020

    Financing: Caritas-Schulen Unterfranken gGmbH, Caritas-Stiftung

    Research team:
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. Roland Stein, project manager
    Hans-Walter Kranert, Academic Council, deputy project manager
    Katharina Schöler, Ina Kerstein, Verena Arndt, student assistants

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    Faculty of Human Sciences
    Institute for Special Education
    Chair of Special Education V
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