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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders


    The Special Educational Research Centre for Consultation Relating to Educational Assistance (SFBE) was conceptually reoriented in 2019 as succession of the Special Educational Consultation Centre for Educational Assistance (SBFE). The main focus is on the following key aspects:

    • (Special) educational consultation is still a field of development with a need for conceptual development. Specific development topics are the following:
      • creation of a theoretical basic concept concerning consultation in the field of education for people with emotional and behavioural disorders in the sense of raising awareness of the key terms
      • the exploration of different approaches of consultation and their relevance as well as possible forms of adaptation for special educational consultation
    • There is a considerable desideratum of empirical research about consultation. This comprises both qualitative and quantitative procedures and corresponding studies. Specific questions include:
      • needs of consultation in the context of emotional-social development in schools;
      • consultation services considering possibilities and limits in the context of emotional-social development in the school sector;
      • testing and evaluation of specific consultation approaches under 'laboratory conditions' in the premises of the SFBE;
      • determination of basal consultation competences in view of consultation services related to the addressee
    • For a more intensive, wider focused and more efficient research activity of the SFBE, the aim is to raise funds for research through conceptual and empirical work as well as corresponding publications. At the same time there are doctorate projects on specific topics in the context of special educational consultation.
    • The research centre promotes the contact and research exchange with special educational chairs and professorships national and international, which also concern oneself with the consultation aspect in the context of special education with regard to behavioural disorders.
    • Teaching about counselling is very significant for both academic and non-school degree programms. The SFBE sees itself as the “engine” of a diverse, lively offer of corresponding courses as well as special offers (lectures, workshops), which is realized appropriately and meaningfully corresponding to the possibilities of the chair.
    • In addition to a obligatory theoretical foundation in the universal frame, students have the opportunity to test in practise in a protected environment what they have learned. This is possible in the already existing and specifically equipped rooms of SFBE through courses on consulting and projects seminars.