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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders


    Inclusion in Vocational Schools - The Pilot Scheme "Inclusive Vocational Training in Bavaria (IBB)

    A legal framework is in place, but the implementation of inclusion at vocational schools is still at the beginning. In cooperation with the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture, Science and the Arts, the "Stiftung Bildungspakt Bayern (Foundation Bavarian Education Pact) gained first insights into the didactic and organisational basic facts for the training of young people with special educational needs in general vocational schools during a four-year project (since 2012). This pilot scheme IBB - Inclusive Vocational Training in Bavaria - was scientifically accompanied over a period of two school years by the Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders, of the University of Würzburg.

    Cooperation agreements were concluded in a 'tandem model' between a general vocational school and a vocational school for special needs education at nine locations distributed by the administrative region of Bavaria. These schools used their own concepts; regular schooling of young people with special needs in education and emotional-social development at vocational schools was the objective of the project, supported by vocational schools for special pedagogical needs. Within this framework interdisciplinary teams of teachers implemented organisational and personnel measures as well as measures related to the lessons. Moreover, they tested didactic-methodological procedures.

    The scientific team used a method mix of quantitative and qualitative procedures, thus approaching initial answers to the following questions: understanding and setting of inclusion, differences of pupils with and without special educational needs, development of pupils, organisational-supporting measures, personnel ressources of support, helpful didactical-methodical measures, tools for accessment of special educational needs, importance and successful kinds of cooperation in tandems, transfer of competence from special education to vocational and economic education (e vice versa),  recognizable continuing training needs as well as issues and opportunities to activate the economy. 

    The volume 'Inklusion an beruflichen Schulen'  (Stein, Wagner & Kranert 2016) (inclusion in vocational schools) presents questions, methodology and key findings of the pilot scheme.

    Materials were developed and made available by the Ministry, together with the State Institute of School Quality and Educational Research (German abbr.: ISB)

    This pilot scheme resulted in two further developments, aimed at bringing the findings of the project to the surface:

    • creation of the school profile inclusion in vocational schools
    • establishment of special educational studies at the Universities of Würzburg and Munich for the further qualification of teachers in vocational school

    Stein, R., Kranert, H.-W. & Wagner, S. (2016). Inklusion an beruflichen Schulen. Ergebnisse eines Modellversuchs in Bayern. Bielefeld: wbv. link directly to the volume

    Funding: Stiftung Bildungspakt Bayern and ESF (Foundation Bavarian Education Pact and European Social Fund for Germany)