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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders

    Network Vocational Schools Mainfranken

    The Network Vocational Schools Mainfranken was established as a regional school development platform and learning community of six vocational schools (vocational school in  dual system and vocational training school) in 2012: five general vocational schools and one vocational school for special educational support. This project, financed by the Robert-Bosch-Foundation, was officially completed in spring 2017. Concepts of action were developed and tested in order to improve the participation possibilities of people with disabilities and disadvantages in education processes of vocational schools:

    • "text adaption": linguistic simplification of specialist texts without changing the level of specialized sophistication
    • "open learning time": additional learning opportunities for repetition, practice and consolidation of learning contents
    • "training of communication and methods": selected learning opportunities in the field of adventure-based learning, social competence and learning of methods
    • model of "supporting pedagogy": cooperation of the supporting professions in vocational schools (advisory teacher, school psychologist, youth social work in schools, mobile special educational service)

    The network was accompanied scientifically by the Chair of Special Education V. The findings and practically oriented results are published in:

    Inklusive Schulentwicklung an berufsbildenden Schulen. Ergebnisse aus dem Netzwerk Berufliche Schulen Mainfranken. Bielefeld: wbv.  
    Kranert, H.-W.; Eck, R.; Ebert, H. Tutschku, U. (Hrsg.) (2017):

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