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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders


    Corona and Vocational Training

    Aim of the project 'Corona and vocational training' is, to identify mental stress situations of trainees of the dual system in the occupational fields 'industry, commerce and service' as well as 'trade' because of the training situation experienced in times of the Covid-19-pandemy. In addition, the experienced and the desired assistance measures for coping with the current training situation at both places of learning vocational school and company are analysed. The trainees are also asked to assess the overal satisfaction with their course of vocational training and the training success to be expected.

    Based on the data obtained, initial recommendations of action can be generated concerning primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of mental stress in context of dual vocational training. At the same time development impetus with respect to supporting measures during the dual vocational training can be provided.

    The project is supported by Handwerkskammer Unterfranken  ( as well as Industrie- und Handelskammer Würzburg-Schweinfurt  ( The champer of professionals ensures access to the research area through their training registers. The survey is conducted online by means of a self-developed questionnaire.

    March 2021 -  September 2021

    The research team:
    Sophie C. Holtmann, academic staff
    Hans-Walter Kranert, Academic Council

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