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    Chair of Special Education III – Special Education and Therapy in Language and Communication Disorders

    Mottier Research Project

    The „Mottier-Test“ (Mottier 1951) is used in German-speaking areas to examine the auditory processing span as much as the phonological working memory performance and is often part of diagnosing developmental language disorders. So far there are no standard values regarding mono- and multilingual children at the age of 3 to 4 years, and the standardisation of the Mottier-Test for this age group is the subject of a study conducted in Würzburg, Germany by the Professorial Chair of Speech and Language Pathology under Prof. Dr. Carina Lüke in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Anja Starke of the University of Bremen. Further methodical issues are being assessed in a collaboration with Maren R. Eikerling and Theresa Bloder.


    Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Carina Lüke und Prof. Dr. Anja Starke

    Project collaborator: Kathrin Heeg & Nathalie Frey


    Publications / References

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    Heeg, K., Bloder, T., Eikerling, M., Frey, N., Starke, A. & Lüke, C. (2022, April). Der Mottier-Test in der Anwendung – Überprüfung von Parametern der Durchführung. Vortrag beim 34. Workshop Klinische Linguistik, Würzburg, digital.