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    Chair of Special Education V - Education for People with Emotional and Behavioural Disorders


    Transitions in the Context of Profession and Work – Uncertainty for (Young) Adults with Psychological Stress

    The research project deals with the so-called first threshold, i. e. the transition from school to training. This is an important step with regard to the future life of young people. The project focuses on the group of adolescents and adults with psychological stress. Especially this group is at risk of failing in transition. Psychological stress includes various behavioural disorders such as anxiety, aggression, ADHD, depression, defined psychological diseases, but also emotional handicaps (cf. Stein 2017; Stein & Müller 2015).

    The Federal Ministry of Education and Research confirms, that psychological stress reduces considerably the individual chances to participate in vocational education processes as well as in the subsequent working life (BMBF 2005). Post-traumatic disorders of the ability to handle stress are psychological problems, too. According to initial surveys 20 - 30 % of young asylum-seekers suffer from traumatic stress (BZgA 2013).

    The following questions are to be investigated within the framework of the research project in the sense of basic research:

    • Which are the specific challenges of the target group concerning the various transitions? Which interdependencies can be identified?
    • Which conditions for successfull transitions can be detected?
    • What are the consequences of the findings for coping with "uncertainties" of all parties involved?  Which concepts of action do already exist?
    • What is therefore fundamental for the conception of successfull support and accompaniment services?
    • What specific contribution can education for people with emotional and behavioural disorders make to the participation process profession and work? What is its central task of education designed from andragogical perspective?
    • What are the consequences of the findings with regard to prior school support - in the sense of prevention?
    • To what extend do the aspects to be researched support the realization of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a unifying "bracket" for society as a whole?

    Prof. Dr. Roland Stein, Academic Council Hans-Walter Kranert, Philipp Hascher